A Magical Meeting of the MSU Urban STEM Minds

A hint of magic filled the air on March 5th.  Our fellows gathered for their second face to face meeting of the year.  The day was filled with all sorts of enchanting twists and turns.  Punya Mishra kicked off the meeting by sharing his family video, which triggered a scientific wonder.  They also explored The Flash Mind Reader and discussed the mathematical reasoning behind this phenomenon. There’s a lot of STEM hidden in the world of magic, which served as the theme throughout the day!

It wouldn’t be an MSU Urban STEM gathering without a Quickfire Challenge.  The activity included finding a video on YouTube centered around a magical concept.  They were then challenged to determine content that could be taught using the video.  Tricky, huh?   There’s more!  Following the video evaluation, the fellows created a two minute video discussion and posted it in the comment section of the original video.  This presented a great opportunity for our fellows to share their thoughts, ideas and perspectives globally. Candace Marcotte curated some of the work to create the Ultimate Magic Act.  Check it out below!