An #MSUrbanSTEM Final Farewell Toast…The Final Words

Well, here we are.  The end of something WONDERful!  Three cohorts strong, we have definitely left a mark that is so worthy of celebration.  The #MSUrbanSTEM website serves as a collection of our work, housing a total of eight books that we have created together.  Each book is a valuable resource for our fellow educators.  Our blog is filled with significant recognitions, strong partnerships, examples of leadership and wonderful lessons taught in classrooms throughout the city of Chicago.  It has been a very memorable journey and we have left our mark thanks to your hard work, open minds, creativity and dedication.

On May 12, 2018, many of us gathered to recognize all of our accomplishments and the end of our #MSUrbanSTEM journey.  As said during the celebration, “It wouldn’t be an MSUrbanSTEM gathering without a Quickfire Challenge.”  Of course, our #MSUrbanSTEM instructional team made that happen!  The last quickfire was a final collaborative toast to the program. We toasted to friendships, gratitude and new learning.

Thank you for every moment of our time together.  The website, blog and Facebook group will remain open, so that you can continue to share resources and celebrate your work.  Please use our hashtag (#MSUrbanSTEM) so that we can celebrate your work alongside you!

While #MSUrbanSTEM has come to an end, this isn’t the end for you…you are not finished and we can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

Here’s to #MSUrbanSTEM!

A Final Toast…

We build an alliance, with innovation of math and science.
MSUrbanSTEM gave me TPACK, so now my kids tweet with guidance.

This experience has developed & nurtured an ongoing desire to incorporate technology.
Even though the fellowship has passed, the impact will be felt supersonically.

We never knew that putting Punya’s face on a group created pinball machine counted as engineering.
Great teaching encourages students wondering.

Through MSUrbanSTEM we have been able to make connections with real world experiences through STEM challenges that allow students to explore, innovate and discover their potential in math.
MSUrbanSTEM has uncovered for us & our teaching a new winding creative footpath.

Bring on the student empowerment and leadership!!!
Throughout this program I ran into people with whom I will cherish a lifelong friendship.

This transformative experience of learning with amazing and innovative educators created a paradigm shift in our teaching. MSUrbanSTEM has left students glowing.

At MSUrbanSTEM we have bonded professionally, academically and personally creating a strong, caring and everlasting fellowship.
Being held accountable, support without judgement and experiencing innovative teaching + learning = MSUrbanSTEM scholarship!

Thanks to MSUrbanSTEM my teaching toolkit has mad skills…more than the stars in the heavens above.
We learned innovative practices that our students love.