Roots of STEM

This book is a unique resource for educators. It provides 25 STEM lessons for teaching a wide range of content. While this book is primarily geared towards K-12 educators in the STEM fields, it offers ideas for teachers across disciplines. The reader of this book is provided with a plethora of ideas and resources for expanding the lesson to individualized context.

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Individual Lessons and Supplemental Resources

Chapter number Chapter Name Author
1 Math with skittles Manny Acevedo
2 Getting Ready to Ride Rosalind Ali
3 Balancing Chemical Reactions
Supplemental Resources:

Mahesh Alur
4 Solar Power Investigation
Supplemental Resources:

Rolando Argumedo
5 Air up There Parachute Challenge Leslie Armstrong
6 Marbles at Work
Supplemental Resources:

Donna Calder
7 Writing Linear Functions
Supplemental Resources:

William Campillo
8 Classification of matter Kevin Cram
9 Creating Main Characters Joanna Doyle
10 In a (functional) Relationship?
Supplemental Resources:

Bellasanta Ferrer
11 Linear Tables, Graphs and Equations
Supplemental Resources:

Kenneth Freeman
12 Investigating Introduced Species Chrissy Garcia
13 Acoustical Engineering
Supplemental Resources:

Tasha Henderson
14 Rate of Change and Linear Equations
Supplemental Resources:

Ajay Kalra
15 Mighty Magnets on the Move Beverly Keane
16 Zoo Design Project
Supplemental Resources:

Ashley Keine
17 Mangia, MangiaSupplemental Resources:

Adrienne Keiner
18 Henrietta Lacks and the Importance of Medical Ethics Jen Lewin
19 ETOYS Computer Program Roberto Lituma
20 Cells Alive! An Exploration of Animal Cells Anna McGowan
21 Solving Equations Using “The Blob”
Supplemental Resources:

Steven Mijajlovic
22 Turn Down the Heat
Supplemental Resources:

Sussan Oladipo
23 Seasoning the Season
Supplemental Resources:

Zarina Qadir
24 Solving Problems: Save Fred! Alicia Song
25 The Engineering Design Process Angelica Tobias