Pi Day FUN!

laurafrcka5Laura Frcka certainly knows how to promote an enthusiasm for learning!  Pi Day was the perfect excuse to incorporate mathematical thinking into every aspect of her instructional day.  Upon enlisting help from colleagues and students, Frcka threw a unique Pi Day celebration.

Her students were responsible for decorations and running the designated activities.  These activities included a staff pie eating competition, creating a pi chain and playing a game called Pin the Radius on the Circle.

As her students reflected on the celebration, many of them comfortably shared their misconceptions.  A majority of the students said they did not realize pi had infinite digits. Learning accomplished!  This related very closely to Frcka’s ImagineIT project, which targets turning misconceptions into learning opportunities.  She reinforces, “By understanding misconceptions, students can rebuild their understanding and teachers can redesign instruction in order to maximize results.”

Frcka shared that her students thoroughly enjoyed seeing the students and staff come together in participation.  She believes that aside from celebrating the beauty of math, the celebration truly built a stronger community of learners.

Decorations made by students
The Pi Chain
Pin the radius on the circle