Students Receive Valuable Support During Science Fair Season

It’s Science Fair season! This usually means that parents everywhere are scrambling to put together the perfect project.

tracey-150x150Tracey Walker-Hines feels very fortunate to have a new system that takes some pressure off both parents and students.  Her students are working with a wonderful and willing group of experts from The University of Chicago. During the after school program, students are acquiring qualified help with the design and execution of their individual projects.

Dr. John S. Anderson, Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department, was looking to provide an outreach program for young people in hopes of promoting a positive attitude towards the study of science.  While the student is the principle investigator, he or she confers with their support team on a weekly basis.  Dr. Anderson, along with his students, have also provided their expertise in preparing the students for chemistry competitions and other science activities as well.  The 5th-8th graders of Robert Fulton Elementary are extremely gracious for the support given by Dr. Anderson and his team of professionals.

Demyia Franklin is an eighth grade student at Fulton. Her science fair project investigated how different ethnic groups respond to the taste of Kool-Aid.

“Dr. Anderson and his team provided assistance by helping me when I needed help and made sure that I understood what I was learning about,” Miss Franklin expressed. “I didn’t understand much about carbon dioxide and they provided a paper for me to study and better my thinking. They taught me so many things that I never knew! I enjoyed their company.”

Walker-Hines is also very grateful for the support her students are receiving. She values their enthusiasm and persistence, “I am very proud of my students for the commitment to their own educations, for overcoming their apprehensions, and stepping out of their comfort zones to avail themselves to new experiences and opportunities.”

Once again, this is evidence of how powerful a partnership can be…and no more science fair project woes for this group of young scientists! Bring on the judges!