The Marriage of Science and Engineering = Spork

The marriage of Science and Engineering=Spork. Huh? Karoline Sharp took an interesting road down the path of comparing Science and Technology.  Her thought-provoking comparison of a fork and a spoon closely formulates the union of “marriage.”  In her video, Sharp conveys the message that scientists will seek to know the properties of a given problem, while an engineer will use the given information to make, build, design and create. Both are essential disciplines in improving our understanding of scientific practices, processes and everyday life. Karoline Sharp tackles this idea in her ImagineIT project.  Her project is currently in progress with two eighth grade classes at Albany Park Multicultural Academy. Sharp shares, “My approach is to have students uncover scientific concepts and apply engineering practices through the inquiry process.”  Through this strategy, she aims to provide an engaging, meaningful learning experience for her young scientists.

To read more details about her ImagineIT project, click here.

Here’s Karoline Sharp’s amazing video on the marriage of science and engineering.


Her iImages represent how the two disciplines correlate.


kristine sharp2


Science and engineering are two disciplines that can be married together to improve life for everyone-Karoline Sharp