Stephen Tow’s Dream Makers Have A New Place To Tinker

It all began by imagining…imagining a space where kids and their ideas could flourish.  Stephen Tow’s ImagineIT project is built around the idea, “If you can dream it, you can make it.”  Tow is a technology coordinator at Goudy Technology Academy in Chicago. He refers to his students as dream makers and wants to encourage them to rethink what is possible. Tow feels that, “Making is about developing one’s full potential.”  However, Tow’s dream makers needed a place to tinker, solve real world problems, and make the possible happen.  He needed plenty of room so his students could prototype and test like crazy! He desired a space where his dream makers could embrace self-directed learning, practice design thinking skills, and cultivate creativity.

He began evaluating his space. The space included a conjoined library, computer lab, and art room.  He felt these spaces were utilized in isolation, much like the STEM subjects have been taught in the past. He saw an opportunity and visioned a large space where integration could easily transpire. He crafted the design of the technology lab by moving furniture and opening up the middle of the room. While  the computer lab has already been redesigned, the project is still in progress.  Tow hopes to transform the current library space soon.  Follow the maker space transformation on his website.  More to come!

Stephen Tow’s ImagineIT project is centered around cultivating a maker’s mindset for his 21st century learners and developing a strong sense of creative confidence.  He and his dream makers now have a new space… A dream maker’s space.

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DREAM MAKERS now have a place to make the possible happen!
An open floor plan allows a lot of room for tinkering, prototyping and sharing their work.
Technology is a huge part of Tow’s ImagineIT project “Each day my students in my Maker’s classroom will have access to their own iPads, MacBook laptop and/or computer lab of Dell machines, 3D Printer, and a vinyl cutter. -Stephen Tow