Michael Kosko Travels to Tokyo for a Cooperative Learning Opportunity

michael koskMichael Kosko is an environmental science teacher at Al Raby High School.  We are lucky enough to have him on our #MSUrbanSTEM team as well!  Kosko recently traveled to Tokyo, Japan to participate in The Tomodachi Toshiba Science and Technology Leadership Academy. The program is a week long exchange program designed to discuss global environmental challenges and devise possible disaster-protection plans.  Twenty four teachers and students participated in the annual meeting sponsored by Toshiba, The Tomodachi Initiative and the National Teachers Association (NSTA).  The program was initiated following the disastrous earthquake of 2011.  The partnership is designed to strengthen relations between America and Japan with the aid of technology and science.  Kosko aims to bring these problem solving skills back to his own classroom in Chicago.  He hopes to address global environmental issues, as well as environmental issues surrounding the city of Chicago.

“The trip was incredible professional development for myself and the other teachers,”  Kosko shared.  “The most memorable parts of the trip was when the American and Japanese teachers met with representatives from the Society of Japan Science Teaching and Dr. David Evans, Executive Director of the National Science Teaching Association, to discuss the Next Generation Science Standards, STEM, and action learning.”

Sounds like a great experience!  We are so lucky to have Michael Kosko as a member of our 2016/2017 MSU Urban STEM cohort.  He’s making a difference in STEM education!

To read the entire article  from Chicago Sun Times, click here.