What Exactly Does it Mean to ImagineIT?

The ImagineIT project…what exactly is it?  Punya Mishra recently described it as “truly, the most important project we will be working on all year.”  He also added that this project is an incredible opportunity to do something really transformational within the classroom.  The multi-stage project is authentically developed and magically delivered throughout the school year. Fellows address a pedagogical issue within the STEM disciplines and create a plan based upon possible solutions.  It’s a reflective process, carefully designed to push the thinking and challenge the practice of today’s educator.  This project is REAL, filled with revisions and risk taking.

‘REMEMBER that while the ImagineIT is a plan of action for addressing some STEM content using technology – technology is not the overriding focus.  You start from the big ideas in your discipline and then work back to the solutions (a part of which could include technology).‘  –Taken from the ImagineIT Timeline and Description

Members of our 2016/2017 cohort are now in the beginning phase of their ImagineIT projects.  They are being encouraged to think big and take risks.  Gretchen Brinza is a valuable member of our second cohort.  Her project began with her questioning overall student assessment.  Brinza’s big idea was to explore multiple forms of assessment in order to strengthen student understanding.  “It’s interesting to see how the “unknown” at the beginning, morphed into certainty and success,” she shared in her final ImagineIT project report.  Brinza also expressed that her year was filled with growth and understanding for both her students and herself!  “I refer back to my mantra once again…failure only brings success.  And I am fairly certain, that my ImagineIT Project on alternative assessment through technology integration was met with success!”   Her colleagues and parents also witnessed the success of her project!  Brinza’s ImagineIT project is a true representation of creation, exploration, implementation, reflection and making a difference!  Check out her ImagineIT project journey by clicking here.

BIG ideas are developing as Cohort 3 begins to IMAGINE.  Can’t wait to see what develops!