Mad Science with Maita

Things have been growing, spinning and booming in the science classroom of Michael Maita.  The latest classroom project challenged students to study and design a functioning, semi-closed ecosystem.  Students closely observed their ecosystems as they collected, organized and interpreted data.  They especially enjoyed adding another feature in order to bring their ecosystems to life…critters!  Maita shared, “Students loved having the freedom to choose what organisms would live in their EcoColumn, and many went to pet stores and brought in their own.”  Students were very excited and came in each day during their lunch breaks to check on their growing ecosystem.  This project is closely tied to Maita’s ImagineIT project that focuses on how the Earth interconnects with all else.
His students also participated in a reverse engineering project as they tore apart speakers to study how they work.  As a culminating activity, students built their own speakers from everyday products.  This activity made the study of electromagnetic induction WAY more fun!
There’s more! After reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, students designed and built wind turbines.  This science class in full of hands-on fun.  Way to go Mr. Maita and those mad scientists of yours!

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