Leadership? It’s All Around You! Just Look Around the Room…

Did someone say DIGITAL QUICKFIRE?!?  Yep!  And it went a little something like this…

From the comforts of their own chosen space, fellows identified 6 random items within the room.  Closely evaluating each object, they began to think deeply about a possible connection each item might have with leadership.   They documented their current state of emotion and how the room might affect their overall mood.  How does a leader impact a room? How are your emotions impacted by leaders around you?  They proceeded to create a leadership collage including all six randomly selected items and keywords or a brief description of how leadership could possibly connect to each item. They used their favorite photo editor and their Surface Pros to complete the assignment. A definition of leadership was also created.  The collages were then tweeted out and shared.

‘This activity allows us to think about who we choose to be each time we step into a room. We actively make the choice to lead in situations or to follow, which can be influenced by the people in the room and their emotions. Each person in the room is different and comes with their own unique attributes, just as the random objects that you selected. Leaders may also have to find connections in situations where they are not easily visible.  While we must be aware of the four walls that make up the room – the boundaries of the people we lead and the boundaries of the idea – as leaders, it is up to us to also push beyond those four walls.’ -MSUrbanSTEM

Jenny Roden created a playful tale to go along with her leadership collage.  A dragon and a bedbug become the best of friends, or are they actually bitter acquaintances?  For a more detailed look, click here.