Hallie Askuvich is Going to Iceland!

#MSUrbanSTEM is so excited for Hallie Askuvich!  Thanks to Fund for Teachers (FFT) and the Chicago Foundation for Education, she will be traveling to Iceland August 15th-25th. Askuvich applied for the travel grant, which allowed her to design her own learning adventure.  Throughout the phases of her ImagineIT project, Askuvich has emphasized the importance of providing solid evidence when it comes to the study of science.  She has encouraged her children to dig deep and seek out evidence when exploring 5th and 6th grade Earth Science.  A trip to Iceland will provide first hand encounters with climate change, geothermal energy, tectonic plates, amazing glacial landscapes and so much more!
In the grant application process, Askuvich was required to discuss how she will transfer her new learning to both students and the community.  She plans to take a nature photography class so that she can truly capture the beauty of Iceland and bring it back to her students.  Askuvich is also very happy to have the privilege of traveling with her family.  Her children are ages 7 and 10.  The Askuvich Family is very excited about this once in a lifetime opportunity. Enjoy all of the amazing sights Iceland has to offer!