Kimlona Brown Honored With She Rocks It Award

We are so proud of Kimlona Brown!  She was recently honored with the She Rocks It Award for her excellence and dedication in educating the next generation of learners. Brown was nominated by a former colleague who admired her work and activities being shared on social media.  “I would have never received this honor if it wasn’t for #MSUrbanSTEM,” Brown shares.  Prior to #MSUrbanSTEM, Brown rarely shared her work as an educator.  She now feels very comfortable making her work visible on social media thanks to the encouragement of the fellowship. “I am beyond grateful for the #MSUrbanSTEM program!” she adds.

She ROCKS It promotes empowerment, motivation, supporting other women, networking, relationship building, positive atmospheres, and a premiere EVENT that acknowledges and recognizes women. -Courtesy of

Congratulations on your recognition, Kimlona! #MSUrbanSTEM knows you ROCK and we are very proud of you!