Featured #MSUrbanSTEM Sustainability Fellow: Kimlona Brown

Sustainability Fellow: Kimlona Brown

Bio: Kimlona Brown is currently a 6th Grade Math and Science teacher at Murray Language Academy.  She loves being an educator and considers herself to be a life learner. She received her bachelor’s degree in Workforce Education and Training from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and she also has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from National-Louis University. She is a proud mom of Saneit, a soon to be Howard University graduate.  Kimlona was recently engaged to her fiance Donovan and enjoys traveling with him.


Beyond teaching…My Leadership Journey

MSUrbanSTEM continues to push me beyond my comfort zones.  I have these visions, thoughts, and goals that sometimes let my fears get in the way.  Those negative thoughts come: Are others doing the same thing? You don’t have the experience to share. Why would they want to learn from you? You’re not a public speaker, you need a certification to train, etc. I wanted my sustainability to benefit others, especially since many shared that they would love to learn some of the strategies I used in my classroom after posting on social media.  I started teaching at a new school this year, so I had a lot on my plate. Plus, the changes in my personal life. Will I have time to keep my obligations with MSUrbanSTEM?

After being denied to participate in some leadership training activities, the denial gave me the motivation to be a leader.  I changed my sustainability project to share my knowledge with other teachers. I created a survey and shared it with 20 teachers. Six teachers from 5 different schools participated in training on Plickers, Google Suites (Classroom, Forms, Slides, Hangout), and QuickFires.  It was truly a blessing to share with them and their excitement during each session let me know I chose a great project that impacted several classrooms. I have a hasthag:#TheSharingTeacher A few of them shared some feedback about the Technology and More Workshops.


Krissandra Walker

Webster School, 8th Math Teacher

Professional growth is something that I strive for and that growth was stimulated by Ms. Kimlona Brown.  He knowledge and enthusiasm drove the class to want to know more. I was eager to participate in subsequent offerings because of her quick-wittiness and the multiple examples she provided from her own teaching experience.

Contessa Griffin

Ella Flagg Young School, 2nd Grade Teacher

The Technology Workshops provided by Ms. Kimlona Brown proved to be very interactive and hands-on.  We we asked to bring devices so while demonstrating on the projector, Ms. Brown could circulate the room and walk the room and assist each participant through the steps.  This was great because it allowed others to explore and navigate while those that were having challenges, like myself, could get extra assistance needed. Her instructions were thorough enough that I was able to implement Plickers the very next day to my class. My students love it and always wonder when we will use them.  I’ve enjoyed all workshops and look forward to other workshops provided by Ms. Brown.

Lorna King

Murray Language Academy, 7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher

I’m grateful for my professional development experiences with Kimlona Brown, especially in the areas of math and technology.  She truly lives her hashtag #thesharingteacher! I appreciate the ways in which she’s shared so much to help transition my classroom to a more paperless one.  She was VERY patient with us during the trainings as we were learning a myriad of things that would be helpful in our classrooms.

Although, I’ve not been able to explore every option she’s shared with us, I have implemented a few in my instructional environment.  One of my favorites (also a favorite of my students) is Plickers! If my scholars could have it their way, we’d do Plickers every single day.   Another activity that has been a big hit with my students is Quick Fire, because students love the opportunity to work together, experiencing hands on activities to express their math learning.  

I love everything Kimlona has shared with us, as I look forward to implementing more of the innovative practices she’s shared to improve my instructional environment.  I’m dedicated to implementing more and more of the paperless ideas she’s shared with us, like using Google Slides. Additionally, although I’ve had a few hurdles, I’ve implemented using Google Forms for assignments and assessments with my students.  I am currently thinking of ways to overcome those hurdles such that I am consistently implementing the practices Kimlona has shared and highly recommends for my development as a paperless teacher.

Kimlona’s expertise as an educator in the areas of math and technology have helped me tremendously and I’m grateful for her willingness to share information with me!