Announcing the #MSUrbanSTEM Sustainability Fellows

What an incredible & inspiring group of people! Energized after a day with the #MSUrbanSTEM Sustainability fellows

The MSUrbanSTEM fellowship program concluded at the end of the 2016-17 school year. As a final closing activity of the program, we put out a call for participation to all 124 graduates of the program to become a Sustainability Fellow.

The MSUrbanSTEM Sustainability Framework is as follows:

  • Resource Provider (Teachers inform their colleagues of STEM instructional resources, and provide information for acquiring these resources for use in their classrooms/schools).
  • Urban STEM Instructional Specialist (disseminate information to colleagues related to innovative teaching practices acquired through program participation).
  • Instructional Collaborator (Engage in actual demonstration, co-teaching, observation, etc. with school/district colleagues of Urban STEM innovative practices).
  • MSU-Wipro Urban STEM Learning & Leadership Community Development (Identify additional professional learning opportunities for themselves, and fellow educators, with an expressed goal of further developing STEM capacities for students and educators).
  • Culture & Change (Serve as a catalyst for creating a school/district culture of continuous STEM learning by empowering math and science teachers to create transformative, innovative, and multimodal instructional experiences for students).

We have 19 incredible MSUrbanSTEM graduates who have signed on as Sustainability Fellows. The fellows met at the 1871 cowork space in Chicago in early September and started project planning for the 2017-18 school year. Over the next several months, the sustainability fellows will be sharing their work here on the blog and inviting conversation and participation in their efforts.