#MSUrbanSTEM IGNITES Reflection and Inspiration

During our last face-to-face meeting, Deep Play Groups met one last time to ignite some reflection and inspiration.  They worked together to create videos using Google Slides and audio files. Each team had only seven themed slides to present their thoughts.  The challenging part was the slides automatically progressed every thirty seconds.

The presentations were structured around the following format:

Slide 1- A creative team introduction 

Slide 2- Reflect of your successes 

Slide 3- Share one valuable Tech tool 

Slide 4- Share a pedagogical approach you feel is valuable 

Slide 5- How do you inspire others to put inquiry into action?

Slide 6- What do you envision for the future? What if…

Slide 7- This I Believe becomes This WE Believe

Teamwork was tested, but these videos turned out great! Check them out!

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