William Campillo is Now STEM Coordinator at Hernandez Middle School

We’ve recently reached out to a few members of our first cohort to ask…Where are you NOW?

William Campillo happily shared his story.  In a recent letter to Sonya Gunnings-Moton, William wrote, “Since the experience with MSU Urban STEM, I have had changes in my work that I attribute solely to the MSU/Wipro program.”  He admits that the MSU/WIPRO Urban STEM experience was a game-changer for him.

Amidst recent cuts in his district, William Campillo was about to be assigned a fifth grade Language Arts position.  While he admits that he loves teaching elementary school, his experience with MSU/WIPRO Urban STEM was nudging him towards a career in a related field.  He reached out to his network in search of a job with a math or science focus.  He was encouraged to apply for a math coach position at Hernandez Middle School and decided to go for it.  However, during the interview process things took a slight turn. His true passion for STEM was released in a very convincing conversation.  Campillo shares, “I went in to the interview and convinced them to hire me as their new STEM coordinator. I owe this to the relevance of almost everything we did in my year with MSU Urban Stem.”  A door opened and a new adventure began.

William Campillo is excited about the new opportunity.  He says everyday is an adventure and he enjoys working with both teachers and students.  He aims to make STEM learning relevant and fun for the students of Hernandez Middle School.  Good luck William and many congrats on your new position.