What’s Tweeting? Here’s What Happened Last Week @MSUrbanSTEM

Last week was a busy week on Twitter.  Our fellows are doing amazing things and they’re tweeting all about it!

Michael Kosko is the quickfire king!  His students had a week filled with quickfire challenges.  They found GIFS to represent their ecology vocabulary. They also did an egg drop challenge and experienced Disney’s Pixar Animator found on Khan Academy.

Michael Calderbank’s students were busy building wheely wall-e during their 20% time. They were also asking some BIG World of Wonder questions like…”Do people discover or invent new math?”

Meanwhile, Michael Ng’s students were also asking some BIG questions like…”Why is a photograph a rectangle, if the lens is the shape of a circle?” Later in the week, his students participated in a quickfire challenge. They created videos about electricity.

Alexa Fleshour’s students were engaged in using stop motion video to show the functionality of animal cells. Keep on tweeting!