Tasha Henderson Receives Funding for a 3-D Printer

thenderson2It’s summertime, but Tasha Henderson is already gearing up for another school year!   Through her experience with the #MSUrbanSTEM program, Tasha felt a 3-D printer could greatly benefit her K-8 engineering students at Miles Davis Magnet Academy.  She went to administration and they supported the purchase.  The order was placed and the 3-D printer was recently delivered!  Tasha is in the very early stages of creating a MakerSpace, so the Makerbot is a great start.  She plans to use Tinkercad to get things started.  Tinkercad is an easy to use, online 3-D design and printing tool. Tasha looks forward to learning alongside her students as their world of 3-D printing unfolds.  Congratulations Tasha!

She also spent a Saturday attending an Arduino Class sponsored by Opportunity Advancement Innovation. (OAI)  Henderson expressed that she learned a lot about the opportunities an Arduino can offer young engineering students.  These micro-controller kits use open-source software to build digital devices that can interact with their environment.  She says Arduino fosters the notion that children should not only be consumers of technology, but producers. She can’t wait to see what her students will create!

tasha henderson