Leadership Elements Are All Around Us

A new semester is underway and the fellows are focusing on leadership.  The assignment began in a familiar, comfortable place…a classroom, a kitchen, or even a living room.  They glanced around the room and jotted down six random items.  They grabbed their device and took pictures of each object.  The fellows then started to reflect and think critically about the possible connection between the items.  They evaluated and analyzed how each object could represent a characteristic or an element of leadership-STEM leadership.

Upon reflecting, they asked questions like-How does a leader impact the room? How are your emotions impacted by leaders around you?  And finally, What does leadership mean to you? A definition of leadership was then created using the six objects found within the room. The fellows launched their favorite photo editing application and created a poster to summarize their thoughts. Here is a collection of their fantastic work!

This curation was created using Pearltrees.

Team Msuurbanstem