Where Does the Water Go? Students Go Find Out!


Many people never stop to think about where the water goes after a rain storm.  Or how about water that flushes down the toilet?  Well, ImagineIT projects make us think about all sorts of things! Sarah Tschaen and her sixth grade students at West Ridge Elementary School have been investigating this topic.  In support of their studies, they visited the O’Brien Water Reclamation Plant in Skokie, Illinois.  Students, teachers, and chaperones were guided on a walking tour of the plant as they investigated the path of sewage water.  Students were intrigued by the transformation of the water.  It changed from yucky to sparkling clean right before their very eyes!  They also discovered that the reclaimed water is sent directly to the North Shore Channel.

Tschaen says,  “I am pretty sure the highlight for the students was wearing the red helmets and the UV glasses!”  Well…here’s what the students had to say!