What’s Tweetin? Here’s What Happened Last Week @MSUrbanSTEM

Another busy week for our #MSUrbanSTEM fellows and their students!  Last week kicked off with a tweet from Leigh Graves Wolf.  She shared that reading all about the wonderful #MSUrbanSTEM happenings was a great way to begin her week.  We all love seeing the amazing things happening in classrooms all across Chicago! It’s especially a pleasure to come across tweets posted by members of our previous cohorts.  Sushma Lohitsa is a member of Cohort Two.  Last week, she shared a glimpse into her classroom as her students were conducting a fair test of momentum by asking big questions like…Does the height of a ramp affect the distance a car travels?  The World of Wonder lives on!

Darren Fuller and Michael Kosko lit up some fun quickfire challenges, while Ashley Rose and her students were creating music!  They used SpikerBoxes and cockroach legs to investigate the effect of frequency on the electrical excitability of cockroach nerves.  Rose was also featured in her local paper.  She was recognized for her new teaching style as she strives to connect neuroscience to the real world in fun, creative ways.  More to come on this amazing story!

Halloween is here!  Binh Nguyen and his students have some spooky science going on!  The scientists are hosting a spooky virus contest.  Read more about it by clicking here.  Thanks for sharing your #MSUrbanSTEM moments.  Can’t wait to see what the new week brings!