What Do You “Meme” We Can Teach Creatively?

We’ve seen memes all over the internet, but what about those concentrated on creative teaching strategies?  On Day 4, our fellows read an article written by Punya Mishra and Danah Henriksen titled Learning From Creative Teachers.  The article offers some key approaches for teaching creatively in an age filled with high-stakes testing and teacher accountability.

The following key approaches to creative teaching were discussed:

  1. Connect Your Interests With Your Teaching
  2. Link lessons to Real-World Learning
  3. Cultivate a Creative Mind-Set
  4. Value Collaboration
  5. Take Intellectual Risks

Our fantastic fellows created memes to reflect the five key approaches for creative teaching.  Can you guess which meme best fits the creative teaching guidepost listed above?

“Outstanding teachers share how they teach creatively in an age of scripted lessons and accountability.”  -Punya Mishra and Danah Henriksen