Quickfires Are Lighting Up the New School Year


We love Quickfire Challenges.  They are a staple on the agenda at any #MSUrbanSTEM gathering.  As the school year begins, our fellows are lighting up some Quickfire Challenges of their own.  In classrooms across Chicago, students are participating in challenges such as building index card towers, designing durable structures, creating memes and searching for AlphaBits.  What do all of these have in common? Critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and FUN, of course!

Michael Kosko, science teacher at Al Raby School for Community and Environment, pushed student thinking to the next level with an extra spicy challenge.  His students worked in groups to design and build the tallest tower using index cards.  Extra spicy challenge?  The structure must support a pen balanced on the top!

Keep the Quickfires burning!