Tilton Students Begin Each Day With a STEM Pledge

The students of Tilton Middle School begin each day with a pledge…a school-wide STEM pledge.  Sandra Jackson and the assistant principal of Tilton composed the pledge and it is now stated over the intercom each morning by the entire student body.

The pledge reads:

As a part of Tilton STEM Academy, I am paving the way for a great future.  I think out of the box and communicate with clarity.  I am inspired to create, innovate and imagine.  I am a leader in change and achievement.  I am willing to take responsible risks.  I am open to new experiences and possibilities.  I will persevere through challenges and difficulties.  I am a Tilton Tiger.

The Tilton Tigers also have a ‘STEM Habits of Mind’ poem that can be spotted around the school.  In connection with the pledge, the poem was created to support the integration of STEM learning.  It serves as a reminder of the STEM mindset that is expected of all students at Tilton Middle School.


The STEM Habits of Mind reads:

Thinking out of the box and communicating with clarity

Inspired to create, innovate and imagine

Leader in change and achievement

Taking responsible risks

Open to new experiences and possibilities

Nonnegotiable perseverance


Sounds like a great way to ignite STEM learning!  Way to go Sandra Jackson and the Tilton Tigers!