Third Graders Explore the Solar System

As the school year ends, one class is illuminating their curiosity! They’re looking at the big universe around us and asking…where are WE? Zarina Qadir is a third grade teacher. Her Dreamit Project started long ago and has been an ongoing learning experience for everyone involved. She originally sparked interest in her students by creating and sharing an introductory video. Her students then transformed into active scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians as they tackled the idea of exploring the great big world around them! Students began asking all sorts of questions about the planets and phases of the moon. As a class, they even followed NASA on Twitter to enhance their studies and understanding!
Qadir’s DreamIt project integrates a mixture of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic experiences for the students as they immerse into inquiry. Students have already designed and built their own planets. They created laws and even made brochures to market their planets. The sun and the moon were also studied in relationship to the solar system. After thorough research, the students used Oreo cookies to represent the phases of the moon.

The third graders recently visited the Adler’s Planetarium as a culminating activity.

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