The Periodic Table Comes to Life!

Binh Nguyen hosted a periodic table costume party! A science teacher at Northside College Preparatory School in Chicago, his chemistry class recently added a creative “flair” to their study of the atom and periodic table.  Nguyen wanted to offer his chemistry students an opportunity to show off their creativity and understanding.  Students ran with the challenge!  They wrapped themselves in aluminum foil, wore capes, dressed in fiery red attire and covered themselves in balloons to represent various elements of the periodic table.
Many students used their cell phones to digitally enhance their projects.  With the help from Snapchat and other photo editing tools, they were able to create some very clever representations!  The assignment required snapshots of both the element and a “family photo.”   Nguyen said the students were very excited.  You can see their creativity shine in the pictures below!
View all of the elements by clicking here.