The #MSUrbanSTEM Cardboard Challenge

It’s here!  People from all over the world are celebrating creativity by participating in the 2016 global Cardboard Challenge.  So did we!  No other than a Quickfire inspired our #MSUrbanSTEM cohort to do some “thinking outside of the box” at their September 17th gathering.  Everything from launching turtles to a game of T-Rex baseball were designed, created and enjoyed.


Donna Figenshu, a member of our #MSUrbanSTEM cohort, was in awe with the variety of creations. “I was really blown away when we took some time to see what other groups did with essentially the same seemingly ‘useless’ starting materials,”  she shared.   A cardboard box and a few tools can inspire any maker, young or old.  We were very proud of our cardboard creations.  See the fun in full swing below!