Stop-Motion Videos, Memes and Quickfires Make Learning WAY More Fun!

Just imagine a classroom where students are creating stop-motion videos and memes to convey their understanding of life science!  Did someone say QUICKFIRE!?  Yep, imagine those too! Well, Yvonne Nevarez and her 8th grade scientists dove into these fun activities as they studied both the digestive system and the nervous system.  She challenged her students to design and create 2-D and 3-D models illustrating the structure and functionality of both systems.  Students used everyday items such as Play-Doh, straws and string to create the models.  Stop Motion Studio helped bring their structures to life!

Groups closely evaluated the work of their peers as they explored, created and shared their stop motion animations.  Students developed an abundance of new questions while viewing the work of their fellow scientists, as well as identified misconceptions along the learning journey.  Nevarez was impressed with the overall effectiveness of each assignment.  “I really feel that the students were able to learn from evaluating the videos and made it a great learning experience,” she shared.

Check out their creative explanations below.  Explore more student videos by clicking here.