Stephen Tow Takes 142 Students to Visit Robot Revolution Exhibit

It was a BIG day filled with the magical wonders of science.  Stephen Tow took 142 students on a very exciting field trip to the ‘Robot Revolution’ exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  Students, grades 5-8, had a chance to observe a variety of amazing displays including robots that mirrored one’s facial expressions and a robotic arm that sorted candy by colors.
The explorers blogged about their ‘Robot Revolution’ adventure.  Samantha G. described the experience as surreal.  She shared, “That was probably my favorite part, just wandering around in amazement of how far our scientific minds have evolved.”
Kevin T. wrote, “The best part of this experience was probably seeing the soccer robots as they were coded extremely well to pass and shoot like real soccer players.  There were many amazing robots.  I saw ones that were programmed to win tic-tac-toe and some to play blackjack.”
These students call themselves Dream Makers.  They have spent their year exploring, designing, and creating together.  A trip to the Museum of Science and Industry was the perfect adventure for these young STEM students. Tow said, “My main goal for this field trip was to expose students to the idea that if you can dream it, you can make it. The entire ‘Robots Revolution’ exhibit exemplifies this type of thinking.”
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