Seventh Graders Become Jr. Neuroscientists for a Day!

Last week, The University of Chicago welcomed a group of very curious seventh graders to their campus.  Alexa Freshour and her students participated in some hands-on experiments in neuroscience at the Donnelly Biological Sciences Learning Center.  Students had an opportunity to visit three stations which included a personal assistant for every pair of students.   In one experiment with the Neuron SpikerBox, students connected a cockroach leg to the box and played music to move the leg.  The experiment demonstrated how the neurons and muscles in the leg could be stimulated with the impulses from the music.  Another learning lab challenged the students to monitor spikes generated by the contraction of students’ biceps.  An entire group simulation of a neuron transmitting from the brain to body was also explored.
Alexa Freshour felt it was an awesome day of learning for her students.  She said the students felt extremely empowered to be junior neuroscientists for the day!  A special thanks to Dr. Stephanie Palmer, Assistant Professor of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, (also a Michigan State Alumni) for a great learning experience!  The slideshow below gives you an inside peek at the fun!

  “My station experience was really fun.  I really enjoyed all of them because they were very interesting and I had a chance to learn something at each of them.  But the station I enjoyed the most was the cockroach.  It was really cool because the cockroach leg was moving with music, even though we cut it off.”

 –Sandra V, Seventh Grader at Marquette School of Excellence

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