Reflection is Powerful

Reflection is powerful, especially in the field of education.  During our December 2nd gathering, our fellows took a few moments to reflect.   With mirrors in hand, they gathered around a DIY floor maze created with a black shower curtain and masking tape. Using the mirrors, they worked together to reflect a laser beam through the maze towards the designated target-a bullseye!  This activity helped validate the importance of reflection and how powerful reflection can be in driving instruction and strengthening our daily practice.
 I think as teachers, it is important for us to continually switch between the closer, short-term goals and the long-term goals that are further down the line. The act of reflection should include this continual switching back-and-forth between what is immediate and the big picture ideas. So, looking at the trees and the forest. This helps contextualize the everyday challenges that we face in the bigger scheme of things.  -Rohit Mehta and Candace Marcotte
As busy educators,  when can we find the time to reflect? Michael Kosko agrees that the process of reflection is essential within our daily practice.  However, he admits that finding the time for daily reflection can be a difficult task.  “I usually use long breaks when I have a chance to take a breath to really reflect,”  he shares.  Kosko meets with his science department bimonthly to present student work, which has offered meaningful opportunities to bounce around ideas, pause and reflect with his colleagues.
Thanks Candace and Rohit for planning and capturing the #MSUrbanSTEM reflection below.  Check it out!