Quickfire Bins Created to Spark Creativity in Math!

Play-Doh in Math class?  Why not?  James Edstrom is on a mission to spread his love of Quickfire Challenges throughout his building!  Last year, Edstrom began Quickfires in his own math class while he was an active member of Cohort 2.  He teaches College Algebra, Algebra 1 and Advanced Algebra.  Quickfire Challenges were used in all of his classes and his students absolutely loved them!

He is now in the process of creating Quickfire bins for a team of Math teachers at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center.  Each bin will be fully stocked with scissors, construction paper, twine, rubber bands, Popsicle sticks, fasteners, pipe cleaners, foam blocks, Play Doh and Wikki Stix.  There will be enough supplies for a class of 30 students.  Von Steuben’s partnership with Exelon/IIT will help replenish the items as needed.

Three of the math teachers at Von Steuben are #MSUrbanSTEM alumni!  Tim Nuttle, Cynthia Vargas-Gomez and James Edstrom himself, will be on hand to offer ideas for sparking Quickfire challenges.  We all know Candace Marcotte,  MSU Urban STEM instructor, LOVES to ignite a good Quickfire.  Edstrom joked that he was going to name each kit a “Candace Bin.”

Edstrom is eager to complete the kits and put them in the hands of the Von Steuben staff.  “Quickfires are a great way to tap into the creativity of students.”  Edstrom shares. “They are also a great way to have students visually represent math concepts.”  So bring on the creativity…in Math class!