#MSUrbanSTEM Pride Shines Bright as We Celebrate our 2016/2017 Cohort

Fifty outstanding educators were honored Saturday, May 13th at the Union League Club of Chicago.  We celebrated our third and final WIPRO/MSU Urban STEM fellowship. Program co-directors Punya Mishra and Sonya Gunnings-Moton both beamed with absolute pride as they kicked off the evening with farewell speeches.  Gunnings-Moton expressed her gratitude towards the opportunity to work with Mishra on such a large endeavor.   “Our passion for this is work is unquestionable,”  she shared.  Punya Mishra began his speech with a little humor followed by an emotional testament.  “THIS is my biggest success,” Mishra emotionally shared.  “This TEAM is my biggest success.”  He praised the instructional team and everyone else involved with the success of MSU Urban STEM.  He included a special thanks to WIPRO Ltd. and Robert Floden, dean of Michigan State College of Education.

A few of our members were guest speakers at the celebration also.  Mickael Kosko, Cody Spencer, Ashley Rose and Tracy Barrientos spoke on behalf of the members of Cohort 3. They each spoke fondly of the fellowship and celebrated their achievements.

“If we continue to search for innovative answers to problems and practices we face and nurture the solutions, they will grow and scale up to real changes across our city, state, country and world.”

-Michael Kosko, Cohort 3

Cohort Three accomplished so much during their year long fellowship.  They published two books, Amazing STEM and This I Believe 3.  These books serve as great resources for fellow educators, as well as a rewarding artifact of the work done together.  Each member received a certificate in STEM and Leadership from Michigan State University.

It has been quite a year filled with numerous accomplishments.  Our sincere pride and appreciation to each and every one of you.  YOU are #MSUrbanSTEM!