#MSUrbanSTEM Participates in Hour of Code

Last week, hundreds of students all over the world participated in the annual #HourofCode.  The global movement is designed to give students an opportunity to try out Computer Science Education (CSE) in the hopes it will bring a greater awareness or interest in the field.  Our #MSUrbanSTEM fellows were definitely on board with getting their classrooms involved!
Michael Kosko is a teacher at Al Raby School for Community and Environment.  EVERY student at Al Raby participated in Hour of Code during their scheduled science classes last week.   Students were given a choice from the Hour of Code website.  Kosko shares, “Moana and the Hot Wheels Racer were the top favorites.”  They also got the community involved by asking six computer programmers from Signal, Inc. to co-facilitate the Hour of Code activities.  They served as great role-models, offering support to students interested in computer science majors and discussing optional colleges.  Some of the students even exchanged contact information with the volunteers for future references and support.
Phil Whittles is a teacher at Portage Park Elementary School in Chicago.  After a short introductory video, his students were able to choose an activity and begin their #HourofCode adventure using their ipads.  Most of his students had participated in Hour of Code previously, so he was pleased to see so many new options featured on the website this year!  He said the kids absolutely loved it!

Several other #MSUrbanSTEM classrooms participated as well.  Jennifer Roden and Yvonne Navarez joined in on the fun!  Manny Acevedo from Cohort 1 was also tweeting some #HourofCode excitement!  Thanks to code.org for such an exciting opportunity and thanks to our fellows for inspiring the next generation of computer scientists.  Check out the tweets below!


hourofcode1 hourofcode2 hourofcode3