Mr. Fuller’s Wonder Emporium

Darren Fullers‘ students are full of wonder.  What happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force?  Or how about…Why do we dream?  Or even…Why does ice crack when dropped in liquid?  These scientists are pushing their critical thinking skills and asking big questions-with “not so little” answers!  Mr. Fuller gave each of his classes a World of Wonder assignment.

The criteria was:
•You each need to identify something in the world around you that you wonder about-something you’ve observed that makes you curious.
•You need to find an answer or explanation for your wonder.
•You need to create a short presentation. 3-6 minutes (can be in any format). 

Your presentation should include:
•Your wonder.
•The explanation that answers your “I wonder…?” question.
•Can include any additional things you learned in your research.

Check out their projects by clicking on the interactive image below.

Image not interactive?  Click here.