Mother + Son = MakerFaire Fun!

During the week, Angela Barrett is busy teaching seventh and eighth grade mathematics at Henry Clay Elementary School in Chicago.  She also carries the full time job of being a mother!  So what does a mother and son do on a Saturday afternoon?  Stumble upon a MakerFaire, of course!  Together, she and her son experienced some hands-on fun at a MakerFaire hosted by Barnes and Noble at the Orland Park, IL location.

Barrett’s son noticed the excitement as soon as they walked into the popular bookstore. “The best part was watching my son react when I showed him how to get the Ozobot to respond to the code lines I drew.  He was amazed that his mom knew how to code a robot.  He thinks I’m ancient!”  she joked.  In addition to the Ozobots, her son happily explored simple circuits,  Strawbees, robots and even observed a 3-D printer in action.  He thought the Mac Makerson kits were super cool!  These fun kits include a comic book where the main character uses a STEAM based tech tool on his adventures.  A chocolate milk tornado, an inter-dimensional locker, or a Big Foot detector are just a few of the tech gadgets featured in the stories.  The maker kits cost approximately $25 and are complete with the materials needed to build the featured tech tool.  Barrett’s son was a HUGE fan of Mac Makerson and the Saturday MakerFaire with his mom!