Our #MSUrbanSTEM Fellows are Leading the Way!

Three Cohorts later, our fellows continue to lead the way!  Since the #MSUrbanSTEM experience, thirty one of our fellows have transitioned into new leadership roles.  Impressive!

Marianna Jennings from Cohort Two recently reminisced about her #MSUrbanSTEM experience.  She feels that the program really pushed her thinking to a new level and provided a solid opportunity to see what STEM actually looks like in a Math classroom.  She also shared that following her #MSUrbanSTEM experience, she felt very prepared for her new role as a Math Chairperson within her district.  Jennings stated, “STEM is about providing students the opportunity to struggle with unconventional problems.” She feels so fortunate to be working alongside Molly Lahart, another #MSUrbanSTEM fellow.  “Together we make a pretty strong team that drives instruction in the Math Department!”

Also listed below is Preston Lewis.  Lewis was also a member of our Second Cohort.  “I am blessed to be a Science Specialist for Chicago Public Schools,” he shared. “The MSUrbanSTEM program definitely prepared me for this experience.  It provided a forum, where I was able to work with and learn from a host of exemplary CPS teachers. It enhanced my ability to incorporate STEM in new and innovative ways.”

Below is the #MSUrbanSTEM Wall of Fame.  We love to keep in touch with our fellows.  Have you moved into a new leadership role since we last met?  If so, please let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!

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