Kyle Radcliff and APPLE Team Up For Some Rock and Roll FUN!

A big part of Kyle Radcliff’s ImagineIT project focuses on improving the art of making student work visible.  He wants his students to have various ways to show and share their understanding.  Recently, the perfect opportunity arose.  He and his class were presented with a chance to partner up with the wonderful people of Apple.  It all began when Kyle Radcliff placed a phone call to the Apple Store to ask a few questions about Garage Band and how his students could use the app.  He was immediately connected with Katie Damm, the store’s event coordinator.  Damm was very accommodating and after a few quick discussions, a plan was in place.  The sixth graders would visit the Apple Store in a series of hour and half sessions over a three week span.  She even made arrangements for the store to open up an hour early to accommodate the sessions. Another bonus?  The Apple Store in Lincoln Park, Chicago is just a short five minute walk from their school!

The students created 1-2 minute movies with soundtracks using Garage Band and iMovie.  They were allowed to choose their own topics, which varied greatly.  Some students focused on a World War II rescue mission, while other students creatively expressed the type of dance you might do if you were given a brand new iphone!  Fun, huh?  During the first session, students created storyboards for their videos. They began filming their movie scenes during the second session.  The third session focused on the editing and publishing process of their final project.  A whopping forty six movies were created and shared by 92 energetic sixth graders.

On Wednesday, October 28th the students gathered once again at the Apple Store for their big movie debut.  A stage was set up at the front of the store.  Each group came up for an interview and showcased the final version of their movie on the big screen. Parents, students and staff all joined in on the fun! Apple gave every student a shirt, a certificate, and a wristband with their movie stored on it.  It was a very exciting three weeks for Kyle Radcliff and his sixth grade students.  Everyone had a blast!


“It went so well and I can’t be more thankful for how great everyone was with all of the scheduling challenges that were presented. I work with a tremendous team of teachers and my administration was nothing but supportive.”  -Kyle Radcliff