Kenn Freeman Creates an App as a Solution for Communication Craziness!

kennfreemanKenn Freeman is a math, science, and technology teacher at Spencer Tech Academy.  He sees numerous students, which comes with infinite communication responsibilities.   An idea was sparked during a face-to-face meeting with his #MSUrbanSTEM fellows.  The fellowship explored Appy Pie, which is a mobile app platform that allows users to create various types of mobile apps, which can then be released to the public.  Kenn pondered an opportunity-wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that served as a common strand for emails, tweets, phone numbers, videos, calendars, pictures and other important classroom information?  Kenn Freeman saw a problem and went after a solution. He began working on an app right away.

The app is called hsc8gr and is now available in the IOS Apple Store. The app allows parents and teachers to find classroom information…all in one spot!   Freeman feels his app is, “Invaluable, because now I don’t have parents and students going to five or six different places to get information.  The app allows me to provide access to all content within our math program.”  The app has also replaced the need to print tons of information on paper copies.  He admits students and parents would often lose the paperwork.   Freeman piloted the app at the end of the 2014/2015 school year.   He laughed and shared that his students were actually a bit angry they didn’t have the app prior to the end of the year. He often shared his #MSUrbanSTEM experience with his students, but they didn’t care very much until they were affected by something that was produced from the year long experience. They were excited and supportive of their teacher’s accomplishment!

Freeman is in the promotion stage now.  He hopes the app will soon be available on Android.  Freeman also offered some great advice for anyone thinking of creating their own app.  He says, ” Go for it.  Be prepared to spend a little money.  But mainly, think deeply about what you want to share and how you want to share it.  Make sure it is useful for the people you want to share it with. The app needs a valuable use.”  Kenn Freeman expressed his sincere thanks to the MSUrbanSTEM team for the abundance of support and encouragement.  For more information, contact Kenn Freeman at


Way to go Kenn!  #MSUrbanSTEM is proud of you!