Katleya Healy’s ImagineIT Project Zooms in on Global Issues

Katleya Healy admits her students aren’t very fond of math.  They have expressed that math is hard and boring.  They often shut down when problem solving gets too tough. Well, there’s an awesome project to the rescue!

Katleya Healy’s ImagineIT project zooms in on helping her students learn (and love) math by examining real-world problems. Food shortages, malnutrition and food wastage are global issues that affect all of us. Most kids don’t even think about what they eat and how much they waste. But, Healy’s 6th and 7th graders will soon be paying closer attention!

Healy’s ImagineIT project focuses specifically on nutrition.  The topic offers a great mixture of scientific and mathematical explorations! Students will explore caloric intake, food wastage in their school cafeteria and the development of individualized meal plans.  They will even calculate the cost of a healthy lifestyle. This activity will reinforce ratios, percentages, decimals and fractions in a fun, authentic way. Students will participate in open discussions, project-based learning, Quick Fires, surveys and many other performances of understanding.

Healy’s ImagineIT project is authentic, purposeful and empowering. She hopes by building connections between her students and the real world, they will gain a new appreciation for learning mathematics and science.  Read more about her ImagineIT Project by clicking below!

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