A Fully Funded Project for Ninety Five Students…Just ImagineIT!

joselyn-galvez-cruz-300x300Joselyn Galvez is one happy teacher!  She is a math teacher at Reilly Elementary School in Chicago and recently received full funding for her ImagineIT project through donorschoose.org.  Her project, The Bridge Design Competition, is a project-based learning unit designed to engage students in an authentic learning experience. They will explore beam, truss, arch, suspension, and cable-stayed bridges.  Students will follow the engineering design cycle to build bridges that can ultimately withstand forces of nature.  A school-wide competition will also be held.  Participating students will:

 (a) Learn about the engineering design process through a realistic, hands-on problem-solving experience. (b) Apply math, science, and technology to create devices and systems that meet human needs. (c) Develop perseverance and time management skills. (d) Develop strong teamwork skills.

Thanks to multiple donors, the students will also be visiting the Museum of Science and Industry. These young scientists will explore the Learning Lab and the Brick by Brick Lego Exhibit.  The Lego exhibit will guide and support students in facing the challenges of structural dilemmas as they tackle the bridge building challenge.  Generously donated funds will fully cover the cost of 95 seventh grade students.  The field trip will take place in December.

Galvez is very appreciative for the generous donations.  She is anxious to move forward with this project and so are her students.  She shares, “The Reilly students are excited to explore new challenges and career options.”  We can’t wait to hear all about your field trip adventure!