ImagineIT Projects Foster a Mathematical Growth Mindset

How do we foster a mathematical growth mindset for the 21st century learner?  Well, there’s a few ImagineIT projects in the works that implement growth mindset strategies to improve math esteem.  These creative projects are unleashing student’s inner mathematician and fostering the development of growth mindsets.

Proportions? Reciprocal? Circumference?  These words can be intimidating for some students.  Helen Galiotos-Noguera’s ImagineIT project is designed to help her students find meaning in mathematics beyond the sometimes complicated vocabulary.  In her ImagineIT project, she encourages students to use accountable talk moves in a student-centered environment.  By listening and learning from each other,  she anticipates students will begin to make the real world connections needed for understanding.  Digital math vocabulary journals will be utilized daily and math vocabulary will be reviewed through a flipped learning approach.

Dionne Reynolds is implementing an ImagineIT project that focuses on the why? and the how? of math.  Her ivideo showcases the beauty of math all around us.  By inspiring students to realize the abundance of math that surrounds them, they will begin to see themselves as true mathematicians.  She hopes this appreciation will boost confidence and generate a more positive outlook on challenging math context.   Awareness is one more step towards deeper understanding.

Kevin Lee’s ImagineIT project is designed to cultivate a community of growth mindsets by promoting CREATION.  Lee’s big idea is to incorporate more hands-on, real-world projects so that his students can actually use the mathematical concept being studied.  This approach increases student individuality and incorporates other disciplines.  “My hope is that these connections will be enduring, allowing students to remember the content from one unit to the next, and from one year to the next,” he states on his website.

Check out the awesome iImages and iVideos by clicking on the projects below. Image not interactive? Click here.