Candace Marcotte is STEM-tastic!

candace marcotteCandace Marcotte is a salsa-dancing, guitar-playing, STEM-loving educator who is passionate about delivering today’s instruction with 21st century style. Candace has a one of a kind, contagious excitement for education.  Her energy is infectious!

Candace is currently a Technology Facilitator at Springman Middle School in Glenview, Illinois. Candace shares her energy daily with over 90 staff members and 850 students. Her job entails collaborative planning with staff, co-teaching, and supporting professional development while spreading STEM love to everyone she encounters. She is also a valuable part of the MSU/WIPRO UrbanSTEM instructional team.

When asked about her love for STEM-based learning she expresses, “STEM encourages inquiry, problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation.” She feels these skills are essential in the development of  inquisitive and reflective 21st Century learners.

Recently,  Marcotte was involved in a group effort to develop Makerspaces in both buildings in which she currently works. Her school received a $30,000 grant to support the development of the new Makerspaces and materials have now arrived!  She describes this as an incredible experience!

She says, “Getting to observe and participate with students as they explore, tinker, wonder, question, and create is absolutely energizing!”

Candace practices what she preaches! She lives in a world of learning through digital resources. How so? She is currently taking on a connected learning challenge with her brother. They are utilizing digital resources such as You Tube to learn how to play the guitar.  While she claims she is no Jimi Hendrix (yet), she has learned a few chords and will soon begin learning her first song. Candace is also participating in learning the art of salsa dancing! How fun!

Again, Candace is such a valuable asset to our MSU/WIPRO instructional team. Her love for STEM implementation and energy for lifelong learning is truly contagious! Visit her website to catch the STEM-loving fever!  Thanks Candace for all you do!