Binh Nguyen is Spreading His ‘ImagineIT’ Spirit

Binh Nguyen recently tweeted, “Just presented my Imagine IT projects to 40 suburban teachers. They loved it!!! They said they’ll be checking out my website! #MSUrbanSTEM”

Well, of course we had to follow up with him and join in on the excitement!  Nguyen went to ChemWest Professional Development Day on Wednesday, March 15.  The professional development opportunity was held at Libertyville High School in Chicago.  A group of science teachers meet often to share ideas and possible activities for lab assignments.  Binh Nguyen decided at the last minute to present a small piece of his year long ImagineIt project to the crowd!  He presented an activity called “The Atoms Family.”  Nguyen shared examples of student work and family photos of “The Atoms” from his website.  While Nguyen didn’t think his activity was that extravagant, he was humbled by the encouragement and positive feedback he received.

Nguyen shared, “I didn’t think it was anything amazing, but many teachers came up to me after the event to say how great it was that I got the students involved in their learning.”  Thanks Mr. Nguyen for unleashing the power of sharing!  We think you are amazing!

Here’s a little sneak peek…Meet the Alkaline Earth Metal Family.  Meet more of the Atoms Family by clicking  here.