Annual STEM Night was Magical!

tashahenderson3Tasha Henderson brought the magic into STEM learning! Miles Davis Magnet Academy was the place to be on April 28th.  Staff, students, parents, and members of the community stopped in for the school’s annual STEM Night.  The STEM night was held right after school and embraced the creativity of kindergarten through eighth grade STEM students.  Scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians  highly anticipated the event. They unveiled Artbots, Bristlebots, Future City Exhibits and much, much more! The energy was electrifying-literally!

One of the most anticipated exhibits was a STEM Magic Show!  Did you know solids, liquids, and gases are extremely magical? They can change before your very eyes!  Other magic tricks included a newspaper that quickly transformed from fractional pieces back to a whole paper.  And imagine the excitement when a single white dove remarkably turned into two white doves! Lots of Oooooooh’s and Ahhhhhhhhh’s filled the room!

Hostess Tasha Henderson expressed, “The best part was seeing the pride of accomplishment in the students, as they presented their exhibits to peers and parents.” It was a STEM-tastic evening of learning and sharing!