Alexa Freshour Presents at NSTA

alexa freshourAlexa Freshour is back from California! She was a presenter at this year’s National Science Teachers Association Conference (NSTA) held in Los Angeles. Freshour admits she was extremely nervous to present, but describes the overall experience as amazing!

Freshour presented a Model Based Inquiry (MBI) unit centered around a puzzling phenomenon surrounding her community.  Her school is located in close proximity to the famous Nabisco (now Molendez) Factory.  The air is usually filled with the wonderful aroma of freshly baked cookies.  However, the factory is 1.4 miles away! She and her students began to wonder…how does this happen?  During her presentation at NSTA, Mrs. Freshour shared how she and her students launched an investigation and uncovered some very interesting concepts of how odor travels. Freshour took this wonderful unit all the way to L.A. for sharing and fellow educators LOVED it!

During the presentation, she modeled a series of mini-lessons.  She even used a candle warmer to simulate how odors and scents travel.  At the beginning of the session, participants weren’t able to smell the scent from the candle.  However, about half way through the session, the wonderful aroma began to travel!  Some of the participants said it was the best session they attended!  “It was refreshing to have colleagues across the country tell you the work you’re doing is valuable and practical for them too!” Freshour shared.  Welcome back Alexa!