A Teacher’s (Quick and Dirty) Guide to Cosmos- Another Publication from #MSUrbanSTEM

We’ve done it again! The 2015/2016 fellowship has published another professional resource for educators titled A Teacher’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Cosmos. The book “stems” from the mentor text, Cosmos by Carl Sagan. After a professional study of the book, the fellows worked in small groups. They were randomly assigned a focus chapter and discussed key elements from the readings.  Each group captured the spirit of their assigned chapter by creating a visual representation of their big ideas using Pixlr and Google Slides. Each team made it relevant to teaching the STEM disciplines in today’s classroom by expanding on what it means for today’s STEM educators.  Ideas for measuring student performances of understanding are also provided in the guide. These suggested activities are inquiry-based to expand student knowledge.  There is a huge focus on encouraging our young citizens to comprehend and connect to the big world that surrounds us. School is suggested as a “forum to explore one’s curiosity.”  Everything from intelligence to the nature of life is recognized in the guide.

A Teacher’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Cosmos was a huge collaborative effort.  Candace Marcotte is an instructor for the fellowship. She expressed, “It was a flurry of a process because we had so many fellows in the slideshow working together.  It was awesome!”  Download your own copy of The Teacher’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Cosmos below. It is a great, teacher-friendly resource filled with a wealth of STEM knowledge offered to you by our very own #MsurbanSTEM fellows! Enjoy!

A Teacher’s Guide to Cosmos by MSU UrbanSTEM