Fostering a Technological Mindset

juvenThink about technology. Look around you…through a technological lens. Technology is all around us and it’s not just computers!  Juven Macias is a K-8 Technology Education Teacher at Hawthorne Scholastic Academy.  He is on a quest to develop a technological mindset among his students through a wonder driven approach.  Macias first initiated the growth mindset movement with a conversation about what constitutes technology.  He challenged them to think beyond computers and recognize the various technologies they come across on a daily basis. Macias shared HIS favorite piece of technology being a hand crank pencil sharpener and even referred to the roll-up shades as a prevalent example of technology within the classroom.  With a new level of wonder established, his students generated lengthy lists of technologies they identify with in everyday life.  The lists included items such as Bluetooth, waffle makers, and irons. The students were very enthusiastic when discussing their new take on technology.  Macias admits some students were still a little apprehensive with the open discussion.  They were so used to coming in and completing their classroom assignments without giving the technologies a second thought.  Macias expanded on the conversation by giving each student a questionnaire.

The proposed questions were:

What does technology mean to you?

What is something you have wondered about technology?

What do you really want to know about technology?

What is something you think you already know about technology?

How do you think text messaging works?

Think about how text messages might work, or how email might work.  Do you think they are the same or different?

Their feedback was very interesting! Click here to read a detailed compilation of their responses.