A Special Field Trip to MSU

On May 23rd, eighteen students from Dodge Renaissance Academy and Morton School of Excellence headed to Michigan State University for a campus tour!  Rosalind Ali is a member of our first cohort and Kendra Mallory is a member of our second cohort.  The two teamed up to plan a very special field trip designed to educate students on the importance of establishing a college career path.

The group participated in a question/answer session focusing on the significance of attending college and how high school performance can lead to possible scholarships and overall college preparedness.  They showed their Michigan State spirit as they wore MSU shirts and shouted out “Go GREEN, Go White!”  as they walked along the river.  They had an opportunity to tour the Education Building, MSU Book Store,  the Spartan stadium and BOTH Spartys.  Students were also very excited to visit the MSU Dairy Store for an ice cream treat!  “The students enjoyed the ice cream, especially the green MSU ice cream.”  Mallory shared.

Candace Marcotte, MSU Urban STEM instructor, led the students in a few hands-on activities.  They explored 3D Circuit Scribe pens, Makey-Makey kits and Ozobots!  Mallory shared that the students were very excited to be on campus and described the experience as a “playful learning” opportunity filled with fun.  It was an honor to have Dr. Gunnings-Moton and Dr. Marini Lee involved in the day as well!

Experience the fun by watching the video below.